Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simple Monitor Mount

I wanted a multiple monitor stand but did not want to spend
2-$300.00 to buy one so I decided to see what I could build.

What you will need:
Two shelf brackets ( I used brackets from a refrigerator)
4 screws (the sizes you need will vary depending on the size of your monitors.

Here are the brackets that once held the shelves in an old fridge.

The next step was to secure my brackets in a vice so
I could bend them. Find the length and angle of your
desired bend. I wanted a very slight angle on mine.
When you determine the length secure the
bracket in the vice with your mark level with the top
of the jaw. Pull back on the bracket slow and
steady for a smooth bend.

After bending your bracket to the desired angle it is time for paint.

Give your brackets A nice new coat of paint, you will be glad you did. I went with black to match my monitors.

After the paint dries you are ready to install your new brackets. Here are mine mounted to my main screen. Simply line the brackets up with the wall mount holes and install 4 screws (2 per bracket)

I chose to configure my secondary monitor for landscape but you can hang yours anyway you choose. You will need to remove the pre-installed base from your secondary monitor, that process varies but is usually no more than 4 screws. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps and I will post more projects very soon. I am thinking about posting the monitor repair I am currently doing.

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